Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Big Apple Spa Experience

Employees of ELJ Communications Building get a 10% until otherwise notified! =)
After the stressful party preparations, last minute shopping, busy schedule of get together here and there... My friend and I decided to have a massage at the Big Apple Spa just across our work building. Good news that we got a 10% discount, and the service is only Php299 for an hour of Manhattan Massage, so that was only Php269 for an hour of relaxation... weee.
The place was cozy, or a bit too dark, maybe because my eyes are failing me... they have couple's room or individual.
Manhattan massage was more on the stretching and some tissue massage, which is okay, for the amount paid. It sure was worth the 1 hour massage! Because for an hour, your whole body is massaged and stretched, no concentration on some body areas but all of it where touched... ;)
Next time i go there i would be bringing mom along! She would really enjoy this (I am worried for the therapist because she's on the heavy side. hehe), promise!! =)


  1. Sounds interesting.Where is this spa located?


  2. Hi Jenny! Its along mother ignacia street in quezon city. its just right in front of the ABS-CBN ELJ Building.