Friday, August 12, 2016

Melon Tutorial - Change your Profile Pic and Banner Photo

How to Change your Profile Picture

Step 1 - Go to the no. 1 in this photo, 
and then No. 2 to open profile

Step 2 - Click Left most button

 Step 3 - Click upper most option

Step 4 - Choose from your Phone

Step 5 - Crop according to required size

Step 6 - Click the Middle Part to Save

Step 7 - Change your Banner Background

Step 8 - Choose the Background and Save

Step 8 - You are all Set! 
Put a description of yourself in the Second Box Here if you want.  =) 

Disclaimer: I do not claim ownership of the photos I used. Credit to Owners, thank you for sharing them with us! =) God Bless! 

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