Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Bali Tour Series D: Besakih Temple and Ubud Monkey Forest

Besakih Temple: This is the biggest temple in Bali. Located at the slope of Mt. Agung. This place is very high and can get very cold towards the end of the afternoon. You can see fog and feel the coldness in your skin if you are not prepared. 

Common statues you will find inside the temple premises
The Temple is huge, it was after all the largest temple in Bali; to this day it is still being used for ceremonies, even if it is also a tourist spot. Outside, there are a small road that leads to the temple entrance. a free tour guide will accompany you inside the temple and will explain and give information about it; you and your companions will be asked to give donation as well after you register how many of you went inside the temple. =) 

The view from the top of the temple

Mini Temple (pagoda) inside Besakih Temple

Ubud Monkey Forrest: I was a little hesitant about this, because i am a bit scared of the primates because I have had a bit of a bad experience with them. Upon arrival in Ubud, Monkey Forrest Area, you can already see a lot of monkeys walking around the parking lot and was just minding their own business. 

We have a baby with us during the tour, she was just a year old, actually and she was so fearless in walking around the premises and just chasing the monkey and trying to touch them. They (monkeys) are very used to the tourists and would go near you if you have a banana with you (It is also sold inside the premises). 

A Family we chanced upon taking a rest in one of the statues inside the forest area

 Spending no less than an hour here, it was quite an experience too, seeing the monkeys and their families, they are just really cute and are fun to watch especially when they try to wrestle with tourists who hides banana in their pockets.  Also, the monkeys are clean! I haven't encountered one that smells bad! Not one tourist who has had one jumped into them (even on top of their head) complained about foul smell whatsoever. 

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