Saturday, November 2, 2013

THOR Hammer USB (Jollibee collectibles)

Well well well!!! Aren't we all excited about Thor's coming back in the movie houses? =) Well I am, of course. he he together  with the excitement I feel was the urge of wanting to own my very own THOR Hammer 1Gb USB!
How do we get this USB anyway?! so here's the deal... go to any Jollibee store and buy yourself a cheesy bacon mushroom meal and add 95 pesos =)
My first attempt was unsuccessful, Thor's hammer eluded me because the Crossings Branch ran out of stocks just 3 days after the commercial aired... =( The second attempt was when my officemates opted to buy the said sandwich meal, others did not want to avail of the USB and so i got their slots. So excited,  we waited... but a call came and we were advised they already have no stocks left. Second attempt is a failure... so maybe its meant to be... i am not to own one afterall. =(
Then one weekend mom said she was hungry and asked to go to jollibee to have a small meal before hitting the groceries... an idea came and there I was asking if they have hammers left(hahah) before purchasing the meal required. Well I got two!! So it probably is true that third's a charm! yihaaa.

So a rough estimate of how huge the hammer was... is the photo comparison. the hammer was almost as big as the burger's box in length. It  was rather heavy. The USB dock was in the hammer handle, and well do keep your receipt as I have a friend whose USB was not working.