Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Kapamilya Bowling Tournament 2013

Every year ABS-CBN celebrates and encourages their employees to participate and join the different sports activities they would be comfortable with. Every body has a chance, actually. There's Badminton.... Volleyball, Basketball, and Bowling for team sports. 

Starting off with about 20 Teams (composed of ABS-CBN's divisions and departments). The competition is done every Wednesdays and Fridays. The teams would bowl and compete with each other.
The Teams were divided in to 4 brackets and top two of each brackets were chosen to compete for the finals/championship. 
Top 8 teams will have a championship match and the one with the highest pin falls wins. 

If you happen to be at SM Bowling Center during the competition nights, then you would see the lanes with the Kapamilya Banner. During games, usually about 8 lanes were assigned to the Kapamilya Teams. Games start off at 7PM and usually ends at around 11PM Each team has to play about 3 games a night. 

And of course, Each team has about one or two that would play really well... Collectively, the top 15 bowlers with the highest Scores were invited to the masters game to get the Master Bowler for the year 2013.

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