Sunday, March 24, 2013

Lazer Tag night and a good pizza!

I live so nearby and its just about a 10 minute ride from our place to the Centris Walk... but I have never been to the place. It was only when I have scheduled a Lazer tag event with my officemates that we went to the location... it is beautiful there! Its like a small BGC! =) 

Okay so our main agenda was to play a Lazer Tag Game. We got ours from an ensogo deal and the game was worth of 200 for 15 minutes, is only 95 pesos. it was quite a deal so we did availed of it. :D 

The place was a bit small when you go up the venue, There were 20 of us so it was a bit small for us, there were some kids in the place.. and we were adults! haha We decided to divide ourselves in 2 teams, and from there we planned how we will beat the other team. so the goal is to shoot as much as you can, and to not be shot! 

It was only 15 minutes, but it was such a workout!! You need to bring a face towel and an extra shirt! Its no fun to be sweaty after such a game =) So it was Green vs Blue and our Team won!! :D 

They have many restaurants and established within the area. And what caught our attention was the Larry and Mau restaurant. They are sister company with the Uncle cheffy so we did order from the Uncle cheffy and also some from the Larry and mau. 

Uncle Cheffy's one of the best pizza i have tasted, seriously speaking! =) And... Larry and Mau's got the biggest burger I have seen served in the City! You really should try it.