Friday, January 11, 2013

Banapple: More than desserts

I have always seen this restaurant every time we drive along Libis. Many times I have thought how come a lot of people would be waiting for a parking just for cakes and muffins (never really a fan of sweet stuffs). 

It was when my officemates/Team mates had set a lunch at Banapple near our office that I have tried this place. First, the seats weren't really that plenty, it wasn't really comfortable because there wasn't cushion in them. But their tables are very nice! Full of different colored marbles.

Banapples is a self service restaurants, You may have your orders served at your table after you order from their counter - much like your average fastfood restaurants. Their menu is quite of a number, ranging from pancakes and waffles of different toppings and types, to rice meals and pastas served with protein, and even salad options. Of course, there are also the many selections of cakes and pastries (including muffins and cupcakes). 

I have so far tried Lasagna, Chicken Parmigiana (rice meal), Pork tenderloin in gravy (rice meal), and Peanut butter with choco chips pancakes. For desserts, i have only tried their carrot cake which was very good too. i love the moist texture of their carrot cake, as this is really not good if all dried up. 

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