Saturday, April 21, 2012

Pinoy Hat..Yogurt, Filipino style! =)

I am sure you all must have tried White hat, the italian yogurt... For the most part, i only enjoy the plain yogurt - with its sour, creamy and sweet taste... but just a few days ago, with my mom in the supermarket, she asked if we can eat yogurt - its good for cleansing the intestine, by the way.. so yup off we went to a kiosk in Landmark. 

I was only suppose to get the plain, again or the Baker's hat... but then i was enticed by childhood memories, due to the photo ad i saw in the kiosk - Pinoy Hat with chocnut! wow what can be better than that? 

So what does this "HAT" contain? Well of course, its got the regular yogurt serving, 2 sticks of barquillos, cashew nuts, and chocnuts. he he Its really wonderful, and its a good choice! you should try it if you are a fan of peanut butter chocolates.  

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