Monday, January 2, 2012

The Year to come...

 What I want this year?

On Things:

I want a Purple bible. I wish someone would give me a purple bible. God would then be the one to choose who that person will be. (Hopefully he is the person that God chooses for me to spend the rest of my life with.)

I want to have a data plan – so I could have access to various internet websites without relying on free public wifi, or without me waiting for my brother to be sleeping so I could use his computer. Hehe

I would like to buy my mom a cellular phone with flashlight. It would be convenient for her to have it by her bedside so she does not have to charge and recharge the batteries, keeping track of the hours which I think is too time consuming.
I intend to buy myself a camera – for some really good shots. Haha since I plan to always update my blog this year, I of course plan to put some pictures with it… ;P

On everything besides things:

I want to have a harmoniously relationship with family; for it to continue ceaselessly.

I want to have a good paying job where I could spend no more than the required hours and be able to spend time reading the  bible, or on other things…

I want to travel and just enjoy what the world has to offer, besides the free air. =) 

I want to be able to spend time or find organizations that would need my services – I want to start being active on such starting this year. I wish to be able to find the right place and start with it.

I want to just love, and be loved. Minus all the bad things that goes along with it. =)

I want to be able to just genuinely smile and not pretend to be happy in front of other people. 

I know this will come… I am born to be happy, Says my God!  

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