Monday, November 15, 2010

Free Facebook Browsing with Sun Cellular Subsribers!

I am not a fan of cellphone internet browsing but I take time to read updates and news i get from my phone provider- Sun Cellular. On a busy long time waiting for a train in the MRT ayala station... i just found myself going to the Facebook wap site provided over text message by Sun! 

It was well, purely text but for someone like me who would just look up at my facebook account for messages or some friends updates, this free surf the FB is a hit! I find it really great to have Sun offered this to their subscribers! =) 
It can be really slow at times, but I don't mind since its free and there is nothing else to do when you are in a public transport, this sure helps you not get bored!!

From their news site... its good news that... "[1] Sun Cellular is offering free access (no mobile Internet data charges) via the WAP access point to the service to its subscribers for at least one full year. The length of the offer is at the discretion of the mobile operator" 

Here is the complete link to the Sun Cellular news site:

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