Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Ramen Galore!

I have come to love Ramen! =) I have always loved noodles, but I love them cooked dry, as in Yakisoba style. But Ramen are really great, maybe because my mom insists on them. =)

Ramen X - Trinoma (Soup base is not as good as the authentic Ramen houses, Their bowl is huge, though but that is just about it. )

Taisho Ramen - SM North (This Ramen house is fairly good. They have variety of soup base, and portions are enough for one.) 

Hanamaruken Ramen - Trinoma (This is new, the branch was in the former Ramen X location. ) As you can clearly see, the soup base is totally thick, compared to that of the former 2 Ramen houses in this post. 


Monday, June 2, 2014

Windows 8 Wallpapers!

I have recently upgraded my laptop to Windows 8. Wow it s so much different from all other windows I have had the chance to try myself and well.. it could take a few minutes to an hour for you to get used to it.

Whilst browsing, I find it a bit boring still without a proper wallpaper that we all would love to see. Besides, there are a lot of sign in options with the new windows 8, depending on your laptop capability and so mine included fingerprints, picture password and stuff like that. =)

Here are some really good Windows Wallpaper I found from the net. :D


The Colors of Loom Bands!

I know this has been going around for quite some time already. I am sure though that many of us here in the Philippines have just started having their kits. :P There are no kids around the house so we are so much behind but its never too late to catch up anyway?! =)
We bought our kit in Toys R' Us store in Trinoma Mall. They have a lot of loom brads there but we opted for the "Original" one, which is the Rainbow Loom.
Yup, its for 8+yo but who cares! I love the challenge and just logging on to youtube, you will already see how crazy people are for these! over a million views for each tutorial and its crazy, crazy, crazy!!!
Moms have to save up and encourage their kids to try this out, its an expensive hobby, but it will most certainly allow your children to bring out their artistic side. =)
Like most, I started with the two color Fish Tail, four color fish tail and then moving on to the harder ones(well my bf was the one doing most of the hard stuff anyway). You know what they say, it will kind of test your patience... But its already have made a lot of adults I know addicted to looming bands!  
The Kit @Php899.75 comes with a hook, a mini rainbow loom, rainbow loom, free assorted rubber bands, and c clips.  Refills vary in amount, but mostly each color of band refills are at Php179.75 @600 pcs of rubber bands. The Neon ones are for the same price but for only 300 pcs of bands. Other brands have Php99.75 for 200pcs but they look cheap and most probably would not be as strong.
You really have to consider the bands strength because you have got to pull and flip and invert the bands especially when you try to make difficult patterns.
Fish Tail Patterns: My Favorite colors
HexaFish: UST Colors... :D
Double Scale Dragon and Inverted HexaFish: Loom for men! =)
Double Cross:  Blue, White, Pink and Purple
Other Stuffs made of loom (not your typical bracelets)

Credits to Eena for the other loom creations! =)
*Tutorials for these are available in Youtube Channels. My Favorite Channels are
 (1) JustinsToys (2) TutorialsbyA (3) YamJourney (4) Elegant Fashion 360