Monday, April 28, 2014

BBQ Chicken and Beer Experience - Quezon Avenue Branch

This branch has opened months ago, but since I always see this restaurant, I thought they served really good food. I live just near the area and finally i had the chance to go and try it out. I brought my mom and my brother with me. =)

Oh well. We were given the menu list (which was a lot by the way - all of them are mostly chicken) They have Beef Bulgogi and Pizzas. The price ranges from 190 to 300+ per order. 

So what we ordered are the Barbecue Chicken, 1 Spicy and the other, just plain BBQ Chicken. I ordered their Boneless Buldak; side orders included some Fried mozzarella and 2 orders of Colpop. 

I asked her what's their specialty but she told me, that depends on our taste as to what we wanted to try. I told her to assist us as to what we can order since it is our first time... to no avail. I just gave up because she does not seem to know their menu. 

The waitress told us though that the BBQ Chicken were fillet; but it came to us with bones. So okay that's forgivable.

My brother grabbed the mozzarella sticks as it came, and it was empty inside the breading. There is a hole; it was no mozzarella stick, its breaded stick overly fried breadcrumbs. We told the waitress, she asked if she can take it away to show their manager, and she did get the sticks... it never came back to us. our order was taken back to the kitchen. 

We finished our other food that were in our table. The BBQ chicken is similar to that of Reyes Barbecue... Reyes' was more juicy. 

Colpop is like chicken popcorn or chicken nuggets. My brother joked it was similar to my mom's chicken nuggets left in the fryer - toasted dry. he he 

Well then, we asked for our bill. I thought they will not charge us with the Fried Mozarella since they took it away and never brought back to our table. Not even the Manager came back to us to apologize... NOTHING! There was even this one woman who probably tried to eat the sticks to try it out. Damn! Anyway.. we just paid whatever was in the bill. my brother hates to confront anyone especially in the public. 

I just thought i want to vent out. That Fried Mozarella was about 270 pesos, if i remember correctly. It was a rip off! And the nerve of the manager in that restaurant. I really think this restaurant will not last if they are always like this! I won't even recommend people going there. This is no authentic Korean BBQ. Not even the service compares to the mini Korean restaurants I have been to. 

Sucks. I even thought they are promising. Serves me right. Next time i will ask people first before trying out a new place, especially if there are not much people eating. he he 

If you are still not convinced, you can visit their website and well... consider yourself warned : 

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Just Can't get enough of them!

Books and Books... and More Books! 

I simply am such a fan of reading books and I can't help but collect all of those that I can get my hands into. =) 

I have been busy these days, wanting to share whatever i have of these books on my new site.

It's got a long way to go, but this is why I am unable to update my blog... 

Free ebook downloads, only here at: