Sunday, July 28, 2013

Team Building @ Club Balai Isabel

It was something new for the team, Usually when there are team buildings, it is at the expense of the employee and there was no activity that would really bring out the employees' potential. This year, were different though. Given that our new head has endorsed a team building and was approved... We were scheduled to go to Club Balai Isabel. It was an overnight team building and we have about 5 activities that day so that we would build relationships, say whatever we want to share... and so on. 

Given this, we of course had little time to go around the place.. but of course we managed to do so and off we went to check out the place and see if its worth going in here. We actually thought we could swim in the lake... but then swimming was not allowed in the place and only water sports were allowed. Too bad, we were so close to the Taal volcano you can see it from one of the road in Club Balai Isabel. It would have felt really wonderful to swim and feel being in the same place as the famous volcano! 

The resort was huge, there were private villas, the one assigned to us had 3 rooms that could accommodate a total of 10 people at the very least. The villa had a comfort room in each of the bedrooms, a kitchen and a sala which is spacious as well. Hmm.. even with the supposed directions, i really found it hard to find places in this resort. The villas are all over the place, it was like a small subdivision... with the function hall and the pool side far from each other. he he 

The Pool was huge though, it looked like an infinity pool from the view... it has a kiddie pool and as you swim the pool gets deeper, even reaching up to 8 feet if i am not mistaken. :D Club Balai Isabel also has their own church, but unfortunately we weren't able to find it as you had to go around a certain road.