Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Weekend at Terrazas de Punta Fuego!

I have never really imagined being able to go to Punta Fuego because its members only... But I did!! =) Thank you for the kind soul for inviting me over for a weekend at Punta Fuego... It was indeed a memorable one.

Guest Pass at the Clubhouse
We were stopped at the gates, and was asked for the member's name and if they have left a name of their guest (us)... and we were asked to enter after a few minutes of them checking. :D whew! I thought
we're not going to get through! ha ha

The place was so cool, it was literally at the top of the mountain. and you can see a breathtaking view of the sea, the sky and just breathe fresh air! :D

I loved the infinity pool! It was breathtaking to be there, dipping and just enjoying the warm water! The pool was enough for a day's dip... and there's still the whole sea for us to explore, actually. 

And we did! Banana boat was cool... but after experiencing water rafting, its nothing compared to the adrenaline rush in the rivers or CDO. but banana boat drop is still cool nonetheless. hehe

I wasn't able to get a photo of the Jacuzzi, below is a partial photo of the Jacuzzi / relaxing pool area.... it was working perfectly and was as relaxing as you would have thought. =)

Across the Beach of Punta Fuego, there's the small rock/mountain formation that we were able to climb and it was so cool in there!!! 

When we decided to swim in the middle of the sea, it was one of the best decision ever! he he The water was really clean, and cold. It was one of the best dip in the sea 20 feet deep, because the water was calm, and it was not too wavy.

After the day's activity, the place is still not ready to just let you go... you are still captured by the beauty of the sunset... this place has never failed to make you feel so one with nature.