Monday, January 25, 2010

Okay now its confirmed! Hahaha

Oh we all have come across different people of different sexual preferences. I love my gay friends and they are really fun to be with... though they are very well versed and are very opinionated, at least we know that they are really just saying what's in their mind.

My post now is actually about how to know if someone who is acting straight, actually a gay just waiting to come out... hehe well we can always assume, we can always think of many things we know is only attributed to women, and or to the gay people... but then.. hmm we cannot really be sure.. unless we ask them...(of course if they are hiding  the truth, they won't tell you, will they? haha)

So anyway, i had this office mate who always brags about his supposed escapades with women. I'd say men who talks too much about the women they date and the details of what they do are probably just making them up. Well he would always tell people how good looking one woman that passed by is, etc (just to probably brag that they get attracted to women and not men)

We (friends and i) confirmed that he is probably gay because of yet another attitude or habit that he has, He usually notices changes in women, their dress, their new haircut (and would give comments) as to how it can be made better... how one should style the hair, etc... oh well i had this experience with a friend who had a haircut and well, he said oh, if you put colors into it, it'll be better.

Another thing, he is often always not very respectful of women, and would pick fights with them! Haha... its quite unusual for men to talk back at women especially if the issues are petty, and if it was just an ordinary talk or something... he would also be giving some comments that only women would give to other women... I mean, if you are a guy, you won't have the guts to tell a woman she's getting fat, or that her haircut does not suit her, or that her dress is too long, or that she should wear dress often, and so on.. right?