Friday, January 11, 2013

Banapple: More than desserts

I have always seen this restaurant every time we drive along Libis. Many times I have thought how come a lot of people would be waiting for a parking just for cakes and muffins (never really a fan of sweet stuffs). 

It was when my officemates/Team mates had set a lunch at Banapple near our office that I have tried this place. First, the seats weren't really that plenty, it wasn't really comfortable because there wasn't cushion in them. But their tables are very nice! Full of different colored marbles.

Banapples is a self service restaurants, You may have your orders served at your table after you order from their counter - much like your average fastfood restaurants. Their menu is quite of a number, ranging from pancakes and waffles of different toppings and types, to rice meals and pastas served with protein, and even salad options. Of course, there are also the many selections of cakes and pastries (including muffins and cupcakes). 

I have so far tried Lasagna, Chicken Parmigiana (rice meal), Pork tenderloin in gravy (rice meal), and Peanut butter with choco chips pancakes. For desserts, i have only tried their carrot cake which was very good too. i love the moist texture of their carrot cake, as this is really not good if all dried up. 

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Talking about steaks, CowKing is also on the list

Cowking is a steakhouse or a small restaurant just right in front of the Sacred heart church in Kamuning Quezon City. Prices of their steaks are quite reasonable for the huge servings, and generous portions of beef meat. 

Boyfriend's order, is a Porterhouse Steak. Mine is a Cream Dory Fish and steak Combination.  All orders come with rice, add a few bucks to upgrade rice to mashed potatoes! =)

Salisbury Steak

To add to the regular stuff we order at this place, You could also try their Turon with Vanilla Ice Cream! =)

Forget about how this place does not look like your regular steakhouse, Its a small place, with only a few tables to accommodate guests, I'd say this place is still wonderful, and I'd go anytime still. =) 

Value for money is 4 stars! 
Customer Service is an average 3 stars. 

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Did anyone say Steaks? Then it must be Melo's

Marking the third month of our relationship, We were  thinking of what and where to have our dinner last friday. Being a meatlover myself, of course first options are always restaurants that would serve scrumptious meals... and BF is a fan of steaks! He is paying so why not?! He thought of Melo's which was just across our company's building. 

We were greeted with a friendly attendant upon entering the restaurant. The lights were dimmed - Oh yeah, fine dining it is! In jeans and in shirts... haha I am feeling awkward  but excited. After ordering, we were served with dinner rolls while waiting. Our tomato soup (soup of the day)  was served and we were asked if we'd like to have fresh pepper with that - i said yes to the offer. 

My Order: Lamb chops with Cranberry and Mint Sauce
This was served with a hot plate. three lamb chops were cooked wonderfully topped with cranberry sauce. The peppermint dip was in a small dip container - it was good and refreshing but i was so in love with the cranberry sauce not to mention the generous portion of fresh and crunchy shoestrings potato fries side dish!

His Order: Wagyu steak  ( 9 ounces)
Also served in a hot plate, there lies the wagyu steak, medium well, all nince ounces of grade 6 meat, sliced and weighed in front of us... with nice grill lines. :D Their mashed potato isn't mashed, but boiled and sliced (but tastes like mashed!). The meat was really tender, and there has to be no effort in eating it, it was so tasty and yummy and soooo good. best steak ever! Even without the gravy, it's got that juicy and perfect steak taste.  The price is so worth it.

A dinner for two would average to five thousand or more in bill, is quite an expensive experience, but worth it for a night of fine dining, and being served well. The waiters  and servers are very friendly and always asks how we find the food or if we do need anything else. It was worth a try, good for a special night/day. 

Monday, January 7, 2013

Pugs, Pugs, and more Pugs - Lovin' them!

I love dogs, and ever since I was young mom has taught us how to care for animals, and pets of course. We had quite a number of dogs, toy dogs, sport dogs and so on. But my first ever pet dog that I had to name is a pug. It was really cute as we got her out of the cage from the pet store. We named her peggy and since then I have owned 4 more pugs. =) Now we have transferred to a smaller home and we were only renting so we could not own any more dogs. Well anyway, my love for pugs has never ceased and i still adore and find them so cute. I vow to own one again. 

My fascination with them continuos and i would like to share with you some photos i have gathered that would make you feel so happy just by seeing them. :D (I do not own the photos but some were just sent to me by friends, and some from google search. Credits to the owners and I do not have intentions of publishing them here and claim ownership. 

PUG Facebook Covers

Just Cute Pug photos

Ohh, you can't really hate pugs! :D They're so lovable!! Right?! 

Favorite Quotes and Lines from Books

The Fault in our Stars by John Green

"Writing does not resurrect,  it buries."
"Pain is like fabric, the stronger it is, the more it's worth.
"Grief does not change you. It reveals you."

Captivating: Unveiling the Mystery of a Woman's Soul by John Eldredge

"God will come through, God is on the move."
"Beauty is essential to God."
"Nature is not primarily functional, it is primarily beautiful."
"A woman at rest is a woman comfortable in her feminine beauty."
"Failure is man's worst fear, and woman's is abandonment."
"Women dominate and control because they fear their vulnerability."
"Women are beautiful, every single one of us. It is one of the glorious ways that we bear the image of God."

Best Shrimp Recipe so far... :D (Chili Garlic Shimps)

I am sure most of us here loves shrimps, right?! Well Here is one good recipe i have learned from my BF. I hope you enjoy, its really very quick to do for something so special. 

What you need:
Lee Kum Kee (1) Chili Garlic Sauce, (2) Chiu Chow Oil and (2) Oyster Sauce
Minced Garlic
Shrimps (Suahe, or Tiger Prawns) - I've tried both and both are excellent choice. 
1 Tablespoon of cooking oil 
250ML sprite or 7-up
Brown sugar (if you want it sweet rather than spicy)

What you need to do:
Heat pan, put the oil and melt the butter. 
Once all the butter has melted, put in the chopped or minced garlic. There is no need to toast the garlic. Just slightly "fry" the garlic.
Pour in the Sprite or  7-up and Simmer. Once boiled, add about 2 tablespoons of the leekumkee ingredients (adding more as you need it, depending on your taste preference). 
After simmering, add the Shrimps, stirring and cover the pan until shrimps changed its color (orange) make sure not to overcook the shrimps. 
Taste and if you need it to be sweet, add some brown sugar, else... this is done! =) 
Enjoy your meal! :D 

Sunday, January 6, 2013

CDO Adventures - Conquering the Water Rapids and Strong Winds

The trip to Cagayan de oro was surely unexpected and was a quick planning one. An officemate just asked if we can go and everyone else was just confirming and planning and before we know it, we were already booked! 

Staying overnight in Camiguin Islands (as a side trip) we sure did went to a lot of places. Going to hot springs, cold springs, seeing the mount hibok-hibok, the old  church ruins, and the sunken cemetary... it was really a good place to relax and unwind. They also have a nice cool white island (literally an island coming out of the sea when its low tide and disappears on high tide. My favorite place in Camiguin, is the very majestic Katibawasan falls. =) I would give up any other places to be here as much as I can, if you ask.  More of Camiguin Islands in this  LINK 

Leaving Camiguin with a heavy heart(wishing to have more days in the island, of course) we took a fastcraft to Cagayan de oro port. Travel wasn't so fast, anyway. we were rather disappointed as we were travelling on the sea no less than 2 hours! =( I had to take two no travel tablets so i won't feel dizzy. 

Camiguin - Done! Now we are on to the next challenges. We were so ready for the Zipline and the white water rafting in the Cagayan De Oro River. Oh my palms were so cold and a bit sweaty though when i was about to be let go to have that 850 meters worth of travelling from one point to another in the Dahilayan Park. 

When you are scheduled for a trip to the Dahilayan Park, bring jackets, it was soo cold up there! The air is so thin, it's given me chills that I have to wear two of my shirts. :D 

Our last day in Cagayan De Oro is probably one of the best that marks our CDO trip - a very nice to remember is our 3 hour White Water Rafting! Thank God the day was calm and  sunny. The water rafting was worth noting as it was one of a kind experience. Going through more than 20 rapids in those hours of being in the "Raft" paddling, singing, laughing, taking a dip and jumping in the river... it was really a great experience I would love to have all over again! 

 Above photo was the orientation before the RIDE!!
Below are the Rapids one after the other. It is a team sports! :D 

After surviving the crashing, the endless paddling, back paddling, and more... when the river is deep and peaceful, you can request for a "capsize" treat below... 

or have that jumpshot from the raft to the river! Just make a request to have multiple shots so you'd see yourself disappear into the water. haha
Warning: You'll almost touch the bottom of the river if you jump high enough. hehe Just wish your life vest does its job and to pull you up and save you.

And, of course! After every rapids your raft have succeessfully survived, there's that wonderful High five! All paddles in up!! 

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Bible Reading Plans and Guides

Last year - 2012, we have been successful in completing the one year bible plan, a bible verse a day is what we have been busy in the past months to accomplish this. 
So, to Welcome 2013 and to look forward to what this year can bring, I thought of sharing many different ways to read the bible, with resources and guides that I too used for my bible reads on a daily basis. 
My favorite is Back to the Bible website. They are a wonderful resource place when it comes to reading the bible. It is the most perfect, so far to me. 

In this site, You will find the many different ways and guides to jumpstart your bible reading habits, as follows:

1. Chronological - read the bible as it happens, some books may be read with other books in one day. 

2. Historical - read the bible according to the time it was written. 

3. Beginning to the end - Read the bible in order of the books starting from the first book (Genesis) of the old testament to the last book of the new testament (Revelations). 

4. Old and new Testament together - Reading the bible both old and new  testament together. 

Many other guide types and reading guides are available in their website. Let us start the year right! =)